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Orchid Group are international business and foreign investment advisers focused on energy and critical industries and specializing in Asian and American projects and transactions.

In 2010 we formed AWR Lloyd LLC in Texas as a joint venture with AWR Lloyd Limited, an advisory firm headquartered in Hong Kong. In 2015, we renamed AWR Lloyd LLC as Orchid Energy Group, further simplifying in 2018 to Orchid Group as our business expanded beyond energy due to clients’ needs and interests. However, our origins began long before then as our leadership team have been active for many years with heavy emphasis in Asia for companies like Enron, Suez, Chevron, Texaco, Macquarie, SONAT, Union Texas Petroleum, Schlumberger, and ARCO.

How We Were Formed

Orchid Group includes people from multinational backgrounds with foreign language skills and experiences from commercial, financial, engineering, legal, and regulatory. Our team has spent the bulk of their careers in energy and critical industries as dealmakers, developers, and advisers. Orchid Group understands what keeps clients up at night and the real risks that matter.

Our core expertise is the ability to navigate through the ways of doing business in our primary markets. We are highly experienced in managing cross-culture, cross-border investments and transactions, bridging the gap in understanding the local systems for successful businesses and partnerships.

Industry Experience


SPPs, IPPs, Energy Storage, Fuel


Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, LNG


Solar, Wind, Bio-Fuels, Carbon Credits


Upstream, Midstream, Downstream


Mining, Logistics, Infrastructure

Where We Operate

Underpinning our work is our deep knowledge of business cultures and markets in Asia and the Americas.

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Case Study: #2 Commercial Advisory


Background: Chinese wind turbine manufacturer, XEMC, approached Orchid to advise it on a brownfield wind power project in California that the firm was considering purchasing and re-powering with its own turbines.

Orchid's Role:

Orchid's Deliverables:

Case Study: #1 Commercial Advisory


Background: Korea South-East Power Co. (“KOSEP”) was considering the acquisition of a greenfield CCGT project in Pennsylvania within the PJM market and hired Korea Ratings (“KR”) to assess the feasibility of the project. On behalf of KOSEP, KR hired Orchid to lead due diligence from on the ground.

Orchid's Role:

Orchid's Deliverables:

Case Study: #2 Market Research

Background: The Electricity Generating Public Company Limited wished to bid on the sale of a 49% stake in an 1800 MW CCGT in South Korea and needed an adviser to forecast power market prices and advise on issues related to LNG supply agreements and a terminal use agreement.

Orchid's Role:

Orchid's Deliverables:

Case Study: #1 Market Research

Background: A confidential client was required by the lenders to two of its gas-fired power projects to demonstrate the competitiveness of its LNG supply agreements. Orchid Group was engaged to conduct the study.

Orchid's Role:

Orchid's Deliverables:

Case Study: Deal Origination

Background: Energy Initiative Japan (EIJ), a Japanese developer of solar projects hired Orchid to lead the sale of a portfolio of greenfield solar projects developed under the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) established under the “Act on Special Measures Concerning the Procurement of Renewable Electrical Energy by Operators of Electric Utilities” in Japan.

Orchid's Role:

Orchid's Deliverables:

Case Study: Strategy Consulting


Background: Doosan Heavy Industries (DHI) was eyeing the United States as their key market for selling wind turbines, but wanted to understand whether they could compete there, what models were most competitive the logistical network required for them to compete in the USA. They hired Orchid to help them work through developing market entry strategy.

Orchid's Role:

Orchid provided DHI with a comprehensive package complete with strategic options for entering the USA.

Orchid's Deliverables: